Senior Edge Legal is a law firm that specializes in helping people who are retired or planning for retirement.

Our clients are grateful for our help with developing clear actionable estate plans that address their concerns about losing assets, family conflict, being a burden and losing their independence as they age.

We do this by helping our clients create estate plans to protect their independence, assets and families.

We assist clients with Estate Planning matters relating to:

Watch Susan Graham at the Estate Planning Seminar August 2018

This is a recording of Susan M. Graham’s Estate Planning Seminar held in August 2018

For more than 30 years, I have been providing people throughout Idaho with estate planning services tailored to each persons needs.

Susan M. Graham

Estate plans may be simple or complex.

At Senior Edge Legal we specialize in helping you create a plan that fits your unique needs and avoid costly mistakes.

Estate Planning

While nobody wants to think about death or disability, establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Trust Based Estate Plan

More and more people are choosing a Revocable Trust (Living Trust) over a Will with good reason. A Revocable Trust meets the needs of many of today’s families better than any other plan, and has far fewer risks.

Long Term Care Planning

If you’re over age 65, the chances are 70% percent that you will spend some time getting care at home, in assisted living or in a nursing home.

Will Based Estate Plan

How do you know using a Will based estate plan is right for you? Call and make an appointment with Susan M. Graham

Listen to Susan M. Graham give valuable Elder Law and estate planning information

Susan Graham’s interview on the Entrepreneur Radio segment of the Sandler Training Radio Show, hosted by Jim Stephens. Originally aired on August 4, 2018.

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