Why have an estate plan? You have spent a lifetime carefully building financial stability.

Now you need a formal plan in place to protect you and your family during your lifetime and after you are gone.

Estate planning is for everyone, whether your total assets are $50,000 or $10,000,000.

Many of our clients are anxious about being a burden, losing their independence as they age, running out of money and leaving a mess after they die. We help our client develop clear actionable estate plans to protect their independence, assets and families.

They set up a plan to address how to manage their funds for the rest of their lives and after they die. Their plans identify who are the people to help make decisions when they are too sick or die, giving them peace of mind.

While nobody wants to think about death or disability, establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones. Proper estate planning not only puts you in charge of your finances, it can also spare your loved ones the expense, fights and frustration associated with managing your affairs when you pass away or become disabled.

A comprehensive estate plan starts with looking at your health, finances and family circumstances. The plan takes into consideration your goals for the remainder of your life and how you want to protect your family after you are gone. The best estates plans create a bridge between your current situation and your goals.

Estate plans may be simple or complex. At Senior Edge Legal we specialize in helping you create a plan that fits your unique needs and avoid costly mistakes.

Call and make an appointment with Susan M. Graham, a Certified Elder Law attorney who can look at your overall estate picture to decide what makes the most sense in your case.