Who will step up and help you when you no longer are able to help yourself or help settle your affairs when you die?

If no one comes to mind, you need to decide who is best able to step in for you.

Senior Edge Legal offers this service to help their clients by managing their finances if the client does not want to deal with money due to age or lack of ability or upon the client’s death.

If you fail to make a formal decision as to who can help you, you lose control and leave the decision up to the Court. Commonly a stranger will be appointed to help and you can do better than that, if you just take time to decide.

We at Senior Edge Legal may be the right choice to help you and your family with our fiduciary services.

Call and make an appointment with Susan M. Graham, a Certified Elder Law attorney who can look at your overall estate picture to decide what makes the most sense in your case.